Please bear with us over the next few months as we get going on a brand new website! Any queries on dates/times of events etc please call the church office on… 020 8540 9380

Welcome to our website. We’re a church of ordinary and imperfect people who are seeking to live their lives out by following Jesus and the way he lived. We’ve found that he has welcomed us ‘home’ with open arms and transformed our lives and so we aim to be an informal welcoming church who go out of our way to help others follow Jesus too and so have their lives transformed by his love and power.  We don’t just expect people to come to our building (though you’re welcome too and is as good a place as any), but do church in creative ways out in the community. So see the section below about ‘cluster church’ and why not check out the cluster page to see more details?


Those of you that were at the MBC centre this Sunday will have received a beautiful field guide for being a 21st century missionary disciple. In those lovely booklets we’ve put references to our website - those links aren’t up here just yet but we are working on it! Please call the office 020 8540 9380 in the meantime and we’ll point you in the right direction.