Vision and Values


Growing disciple-makers who transform Morden and beyond.



We desire to be a place where everyone can belong and find a sense of purpose. We are inclusive, hospitable and welcoming of all, bringing people together from all walks of life into community where they are valued and can flourish.


We commit to being authentic in every area of life, prayerfully considering our words and actions. We aim to grow in Christ-like character, valuing honesty, accountability and humility.


We gather to be a supportive community, sharing life together and putting others before ourselves. We are about relationship not religion. We strive for unity and celebrate our diversity which reflects our local community and the city in which we live.


We live life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and so we seek to live adventurously in obedient faith, not limited by our circumstances or restricted by fear. We aim to be a hub of creativity, courage and compassion that influences culture.


We are passionately committed to worshipping God, learning from Scripture and imitating Christ in every area of our lives. We encourage and equip one another to fulfil the purpose that God has for each of us.