Life Groups

Life Groups are new at Morden Baptist Church, but the concept is an old one, people meeting together for friendship, support and encouragement. We hope that through Life Groups everyone at MBC will find a place to belong and to grow in their faith.

Some Life Groups are purely fun and social, some have opportunities for talking about the Bible or how God is at work in our lives and others may explore a particular topic for a short while. 

If you interested in joining any of the groups listed below or have any questions please use the Email Group Leaders link or speak to relevant people on Sunday.

The Huddlers

It’s a group of people coming together in a welcoming atmosphere, to explore challenges that are faced on everyday issues and looking for answers based mainly on the word of God without condemning or judging. A warm, welcoming and worshipping atmosphere. Not forgetting the need to pray for and serve one another.

Leaders: Mercy and Gershon Wornoo

Frequency: Twice a month

Time: 7pm - 8pm

Day: Friday

Venue: Morden Baptist Church

Living the Word

A group for anyone who wants to get to know the Bible, and therefore God, better and in so doing take the lessons learned into everyday life .

Leaders: Margaret Douglas

Frequency: Fortnightly

Time: Daytime (Time TBC)

Day: Tuesday or Wednesday

Venue: MBC

Family Frontlines

The nature of having young children makes access to ‘church’ inevitably tricky at times. This is a group for families with young children that want to invest in the discipleship of their little ones. We will spend time building relationships and supporting each other through this delicate but rewarding period in the lives of our families.

Leaders: Darren and Lauren Powell

Frequency: Monthly

Time: Varies

Day: Friday early evening / Saturday morning

Venue: Various locations in Hillcross area


We meet to study the Bible and discuss how we can apply its teachings to our everyday lives. We support and encourage each other by sharing and praying together. Our group provides a space to explore faith, develop friendships and enjoy good food.

Leaders: Kirsty Hawes

Frequency: Weekly

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Day: Tuesday

Venue: Mitcham

Pub Theology

Ever been down the pub with your friends enjoying a nice fun time over a pint (beer or lemonade!), chatting about life and what’s going on in the world? That’s exactly what this is with the added question of ‘what does God say about this?’ This an informal, everyone welcome, social time with some topical discussion starters all you need to do is turn up, buy your own beverage and enjoy.

Leaders: Elaine Youngman

Frequency: Once a month

Time: 8pm - 9.30pm

Day: Last Tuesday of the month

Venue: Various pubs and cafés in Morden and beyond - notified via engage and WhatsApp

Lectio Divina

Encountering God through Scripture. Every Wednesday morning we gather at 6am on Zoom and spend 45 mins reading Scripture together in order to reflect and consider "what is God saying to me?" and "what am I going to do about it?" Do consider joining us for this brilliant start to the day!

Leaders: Darren Powell

Frequency: Weekly

Time: 6am

Day: Wednesday

Venue: Zoom

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