Deeper Into God For Morden

What a great Easter we had. It was fantastic to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection amidst 3 people being baptised and about 20 cardboard  testimonies. thanks you everyone who was brave in writing their story: isn’t it amazing that with less words it was more powerful? Less is often more.

Well this week we’ve been going Deeper in our week of prayer. We’ve really sensed God with us in the stillness and calling us deeper into his nature, his Spirit and his strength. It has been so clear to us that we never do this from a place of strength which is the common perception, but in fact from the opposite: from weakness, stress, challenge, busyness. It is

the tough times in life that drive us closer to God. The step of maturity is to wander off in the good times, but stay close and send roots down deeper while the strength and time is there so that when drought comes again we are ready.

I wanted to share something else that has been bubbling up in the background – a desire to be bringing more of God, his healing and blessing onto the streets of Morden and its lovely people. During this week of prayer I felt God calling me to ‘plough the ground’ with prayer every day for a month. I’m going to go out next Tuesday 21st April, 8pm (meet at MBC building) if anyone wants to join me. If you can’t but want to be involved simply choose any time you can but if its dark go with someone else. Let us (the office) know so we can coordinate with anyone else who’s going – the more the merrier. We love Morden and its people and want everyone to find life to the full so come and join me. The more people that pray over our wonderful town the more we change the atmosphere for everyone’s benefit. God bless Morden.