The Offering

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About this event:

Created by Barry Sawyer

Crown Ln, Morden SM4 5BL, UK

Could it be true that part of what it means to ‘worship in spirit and in truth’ and be ‘prepared with something that will be useful to all’ is that it costs us something? That’s what is at the heart of The Offering – there must be a cost, a price, a sacrifice to our worship…and it is all for an audience of one!

So we’re asking you to come with a handful of ‘coins’, whatever they look like that day. We’re talking about telling stories, sitting in silence, watching YouTube clips, raising our hands and sharing honest expressions of worship. It would also be good to hear some testimonies of what God has been doing in you!

The Offering happens every 3rd Sunday in the month, starting at 7pm during BST and 6pm the rest of the year.