Small Groups

Meeting with a group of Christians regularly to study the bible, help each other apply its teachings and pray for one another, is a great tool for growing and developing your faith.  So if you are not in a Small Group, is God calling you to join one or lead one?  We are especially keen to see small groups emerge insupport of the 10:30 gathering.  If you are in a Cluster, there is already a Small Group for you, so do make every effort to join in this excellent feature of community life.

If you would like to join a group  and/or if you would be interested in finding out more about leading a group please sign up at the Engage Board in the foyer.

Cluster & Small Group Notes!

Our cluster reflection/kids/youth notes are now all online under Resources – check out the resources section on the top of the page as it also has content such as our worship music playlist and talks from the MBC Centre.

We also now have the small group notes available online in the same resources section. If you haven’t heard, our small groups are now on the second and fourth week of every month (the day depends on which small group you are in!)… If you are not part of a small group, but would love to get to know people better at MBC, then please contact us now and we’ll help you find one. If you are part of a cluster, know people from one of our church expressions, or meet in one of our community groups, then there should be a small group ready for you to be a part of… Get in touch!

Advent 2016 Podcast

Advent: the best way to prepare for Christmas.

There is so much to do in December: presents, cards, trees, food, parties, dressing up, visiting relatives and all on top of often already busy, demanding lives. No wonder we get tired. No wonder we get a little frayed at the edges. That’s where advent comes in and these podcasts. Advent is the time of expectant waiting and preparation for the Celebration of Christ’s birth. Through your smartphone/desktop/tablet you can spend just a few minutes being reminded each day of the reason behind the season – what really matters – and let God trim and prepare your heart for the arrival of the King. The podcasts are stand-alone inspiration or you can use them to kick start a time of prayer wherever you are. After all he came to be “God-With-Us”. Enjoy! And please leave us some feedback. Next year on video?

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