Pastoral care update

Following on from Sunday’s Rebuilding Day, the notes from the meeting, we wanted to make sure everyone knew about the developments in pastoral ministry at MBC. Here are some bullet points to summarise from John’s update on Sunday:

  • After 14 years as administrator and Gav’s PA, Kay Harvey is feeling a very strong call into pastoral ministry. She approached the Board with this sense of call back in Jan 2016. Kay graciously held on while we looked for an Operations Manager, but over Christmas decided to take a step of faith and hand her notice in anyway.
  • We have been well aware of the massive hole left pastorally, by Ellen Wild (our old Associate Minister), and then Ruth, stepping down from coordinating clusters. And now with the Murray’s leaving. These holes have been difficult to deal with and fill.
  • However – we are now very pleased to be in a position where we can announce a new part time post: Leader of Pastoral Ministries. The job description is now available from Barry –
  • We didn’t want to shy away from the obvious issue here, which is that it sounds like it’s a done deal… Kay hands her notice in and Kay will get the new job. It is anything but that – and in many ways – Kay’s desire to follow her calling – and in turn, handing in her notice, means that she, more than anyone has the most to lose. Kay has said that she feels so passionately about this calling for her life that if she’s not successful here, she won’t leave the church(!), but look for an outlet elsewhere to follow God’s clear call on her life.
  • A lot of how this post was shaped was from Kay and Gav’s unique perspective of seeing things from the centre … but we do hope too that others who have a strong desire to build up this faith community will also apply.

Kay has bravely decided to follow God’s call into ministering into people’s lives, in the power of the Holy Spirit and as a church, pastoral ministry is high on the agenda – at a time where we will need to be closer, stronger, more caring, and better equipped to hear God’s voice for our family.

Closing date for applications for this new role is Thursday 30 March. If you are interested in applying please send your CV and a covering letter explaining why you are applying.