Small Group Notes

Small groups are a vital part of our missional life – they allow us to meet together in smaller groups and grow closer in community together and with God. Our small groups meet on the second and fourth weeks of each month.

Below are small group notes to help you in your conversations; please use these so the whole church community is focused on unified themes/bible passages each month.

SG Notes Mar 2017 Wk 2

SG Notes Jan 2017 Wk 4

SG Briefing Spring 2017

SG Notes Nov 2016 Wk 4


SG Notes Oct 2016 Wk 2

SG Notes Sept 2016 Wk 4

SG Notes Sept 2016 Wk 2

SG Notes April 2016 Wk2

SG Notes April 2016 Wk 4

SG Notes May 2016 Wk 2