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The letter of James was written as a practical guide for the first Christians to live their lives. In a tense time of uncertainty and persecution, Jesus’s brother provides this first-hand account to a dispersed audience. Incredibly, his letter offers more quotes from Jesus than all of the other New Testaments letters put together!

The themes in the letter will perhaps sound familiar, especially as much of it is constructed out of Jesus’ great Sermon on the Mount, as well as wisdom lifted directly from the book of Proverbs. James’ letter will stretch our understanding of how Jesus lived His life and calls us to genuine faith that must be accompanied by a consistent lifestyle. James is a passionate believer in faith AND deeds and therefore confronts his readers that what we believe is shown through what we do.

This is a book that will challenge us how to live as passionate disciples today and will provide examples of how we can express our faith in practical and loving ways.

In all things, PRAY – James 5:13-16 – Elaine Youngman – (24 February 2019)

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James 5-13-16 – notes

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