Journey Through Exodus

The biblical book of Exodus is an epic account of a people on a journey. The Israelites embarked on a journey that took them out of Egypt towards the land that had been promised to them. But they also travelled a journey of redemption and restoration as they learned to know and trust in God who led them on, who met their needs and who aided them in overcoming the impossible obstacles in their way.

As Christians we’re constantly on a journey in our own discipleship and walk with God, and as a church, Morden Baptist Church is on a journey too. As we look to the book of Exodus we hope to grow in our understanding of who God is as he reveals his character to the Israelites and to us. We’ll be thinking about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and we’ll be considering how we can support one another on our journey together.

The Journey Continues – Deuteronomy 34 and Joshua 1:1-9 – Elaine Youngman – (25 November 2018)

A Covenant People – Exodus 30-34 – Carolyn Skinner – (18 November 2018)

The Divinely Revealed Law – Exodus 20-23 – Elaine Youngman – (11 November 2018)

Trust – Exodus 16:1-8 – Darren Powell – (4 November 2018)

Facing the Impossible with God – Margaret Douglas – (28 October 2018)

God Leads – Exodus 13:17-22 – Elaine Youngman – (21 October 2018)

God and Pharaoh – Exodus 7:1-7 – Darren Powell (14 October 2018)

Let today be a new beginning – Exodus 2:16-25 – Elaine Youngman (7 October 2018)