Light in the Darkness

For some the advent season is a time of joy and expectation of the coming celebrations, but for others it is a time that dwells in darkness, when worries come to the surface and loneliness becomes a constant companion.

Yet into all of this one symbol speaks of hope, of peace, of joy, of love and of the Messiah whose birth we celebrate – Light. The light in the darkness. Over this Advent season, leading towards our celebration on Christmas day, we’ll be thinking about this powerful symbol and how Jesus Christ, Immanuel, was born to be the light in the darkness.  He is the light in the darkness of our own lives, whatever our circumstances, and he is the light in the darkness of the world.


Four Faces of Christmas – Elaine Youngman – (25 December 2018)

Jesus – the Light in the Darkness – John 1:1-6; Genesis 1:1-4 – Elaine Youngman – (9 December 2018)

Refining Love – God is at work in the mess – Malachi 3:1-7 – Darren Powell – (2 December 2018)